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: Printing Technology

Acknowledging the importance printing plays in advertisements, Fourart1994 has ensured that our standards are constantly on par to those accepted by the international advertising scene. Consequently, Fourart1994 has invested in a Digital Inkjet from printing specialist, Vutek. Measuring 5 metres wide, this sophisticated printing machine permits for the printing of very fine detail and colorful images of up to 300 dpi resolution of up to 100 square metres per 24 hours.

Another feature worth taking into consideration is the unique Solvent-Based Pigmented Ink from Vutek, that is mixed from an exclusive formula to produce digital images that are life-like, and finished with a special coat that is fade and water resistant. In addition to such excellent quality, Fourart1994 provides a warranty of no defects over a period of 1 year to 5 years for outdoor and indoor advertisements respectively.

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